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hearsay evidence exceptions

Topic of report: Hearsay Evidence – Exceptions

Include the history and explanation of your topic as well as cases that have focused on the topic. In some instances, there will be an evolution of the topic over time. You should include any other information that you consider pertinent.

You may select any format for your project – a typewritten report, a Power Point presentation, or any other format – except an online report or a file. Originality and creativity are important as well as completeness in discussing the topic.

The project itself must include in-text references and reference bibliography in proper APA format. You must reference at least threeresources, including two of the following sources of different types:

  • Encyclopedia (Wikipedia is not a proper resource)
  • Government sources
  • Book (yes, you may use your textbook)
  • Internet source
  • Other (CD-ROM, vertical file, interview, magazine article, etc.)

a Power Point must also incorporate in-text references. You must also include a properly formatted bibliography in APA format at the end of your project.

Using a variety of sources in looking for information concerning problem solving courts.

Finding what’s useful among different kinds of information.Separating what’s truthful, factual, reliable, relevant, and useful from the swamp of information available to you.

Synthesizing and using information – NOT plagiarizing or copying, not even re- stating in your own words, but using information to help say what you want to sayabout a topic.

Properly presenting the results of serious research

This includes proper grammar and spelling, formatting, punctuation, and mechanics, quoting, notes, APA in-text and bibliography, and other style matters, such as spacing and margins.

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