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gi case study

This activity will apply information learned from the Primary Care I gastrointestinal modules to care for a patient with a specific complaint utilizing the DXR simulation program.

Log in for the activity:

The convention for usernames / pw is:

log in: ivalerio

Password: Regis234

Objectives for this activity include:

  • Elicit a focused history for patient with a gastrointestinal complaint.
  • Selects exams appropriate to the patient presenting with a gastrointestinal complaint and correctly interprets findings.
  • List appropriate differential diagnoses for a variety of gastrointestinal related presentations.
  • Present a plan of care appropriate to the patient presenting with a gastrointestinal disorder.
  • Complete a written note documenting care for the simulation patient.
  • Review the learning materials for the gastrointestinal modules prior to beginning this simulation activity. Subjective and physical examination data will be gathered using the DXR program.

You will then formulate your differential diagnoses list, develop a plan of care, and submit a written clinic note documenting your care of this patient. Your differential diagnoses list should consist of 4 diagnoses, including 1 of which is your final diagnosis.

Please briefly describe your rationale and reasoning for why you would include or rule out a diagnosis in your working diagnosis list. What information from the subjective or physical examination is indicative of that diagnosis? Provide references for your rationale.

The SOAP Note Rubric will be used to grade your submitted note.

Use soap note attached, remember the cardiac case study for this. It needs to

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