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Explain how geography has contributed to the development of diversity in the context of different cultures. Draw on at least two of the readings from this week. Provide an example of a specific population and describe how the population was diversified through geographical drivers. These can include politics/wars, land formations, trade, population migration, and so forth. Your post should be a minimum of 250 words.

Once you have posted your initial post, respond to at least two of your classmates. Compare and contrast your answers. What do you like about their explanation, and what would you add/change? How are the populations similar, and what is unique about the circumstances of each population? How they were influenced by the geographical drivers?

List of reading sources

Website: Geographic Origin of Diversity

Review the timeline. Be sure to click on the “Read More” section of these tabs under Geographic Origin: “Early Human Migration,” “Trace & Spread of Disease,” “The Mongol Expansion,” “World Slave Trade,” and “Recent Global Migration.”

Article: Ancient Migration: Coming to America

This article discusses the Clovis hunters and how people often think of them as the first to cross the Arctic into America. As it turns out, they were not the first. Read this article and find out the real story behind the Clovis hunters.

Podcast: Science Magazine Podcast: The Peopling of the Aleutians (41:12)

In this podcast, Sarah Crespi interviews Michael Balter, the author of “The Peopling of the Aleutians.” Michael Balter used the Aleutians to study human migration patterns. This interview starts about 20 minutes into the podcast. A transcript is also available. 

Video: The Incredible Human Journey (59:04)

This BBC documentary discusses where people come from and how they have populated the world. There are multiple episodes to choose from. The captioned version of this video can be found here.

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