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ford ethics presentation

it would be the same as the last one.

Ethics Presenter (You will do this twice.) This presentation is likely to be different from others you may have done. The questions you will be addressing, while they may not be familiar ones in an engineering class, are fairly natural questions for people to ask. These are not the questions about what actually happened in the case (that is the case presenters’ job). Rather, the questions you will investigate concern the values that were at work behind the decisions of the engineers in the case, whether you think these values were the right ones, and whether the case can help engineers to learn how to be better ethical decision-makers. You will have 7 minutes to present your argument. Your argument must address these questions: * Which values (seem to have) guided the engineers in the case? What evidence is there to support the identification of these particular values? * Whose interests were being served or neglected by the decisions and/or actions of the engineers in the case? * Should we share the values of the engineers in the case and/or their particular approach to achieving or futhering these values? Why or why not? * Were the decisions of the engineers in the case the best they could have made, given what they knew at the time? Did any non-engineers interfere with the decision-making of the engineers in the case? * What can we learn from this case about how to resolve moral dilemmas that arise within engineering work (i.e., the moral lessons of the case)? Organize your answers into an argument about what should have happened—with emphasis upon the decision-making of the engineers in your case—and run through a vocal delivery of the organized material a few times before presenting to the class. Your presentation should be a polished and fluid piece of persuasion, and you should not need to rely on your notes or visual aids while delivering your argument.

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