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The following are required assignments for this lesson.

  1. Complete the Final Project (200 points).

Final Project

Carefully read the instructions before you begin.

The goal of this project is to evaluate your ability to apply human relations concepts to the work environment. A successful final project will demonstrate that you understand and can apply the concepts that you learned to the work scenarios. Remember that this project is worth 200 points. This is a significant percentage of your grade.

Below are five work-related scenarios to which you will apply what you have learned in the course. Each scenario has two situations. You are required to choose three of the scenarios and respond to both of the situations in the scenarios you choose. The scenarios and situations have basic information, so you must make some assumptions to address the issues. Identify your assumptions clearly within your paper so that your instructor knows why you are making the decisions that you are making and drawing the conclusions that you are drawing. Use the outline below to address the staff issues. The answer for each staff situation (A and B) should be one page in length.

Outline to Address Each Work Scenario Question

  1. Identify the current problems and the possible reasons for the problems. (Use the background information and your assumptions about the situations to make conclusions. Describe the assumptions that you make.)
  2. How does the staff issue affect the company? What specifically is happening because of the issue? Why is it bad for the company?
  3. Identify three organizational concepts that you will use to resolve the issue. Define each organizational concept and explain how it will affect the issue. Explain how you would apply the concept to improve the situation. Be sure to provide examples.
  4. You must use at least two resources (one is your textbook) for each issue to support your decisions.


  • Be thorough with your answers. This project is worth 200 points.
  • Review the scoring matrix to ensure that your answers meet the requirements for each criterion.
  • To receive more points, address a variety of management concepts. In other words, do not use the same organizational concepts for each answer.
  • Use your textbook, Web research, and experiences to discuss the topics. Provide examples when addressing issues. Remember to cite any sources you use, and write in your own words!


Select three scenarios from the five listed, and then address all questions associated with each scenario that you choose. Be sure to identify the scenario (for example, Scenario 1, Situation A, or Scenario 1, Situation B) at the beginning of each response.

Scenario 1 (answer all questions)

Zack has been with your company for 20 years. He has an exceptional knowledge of the engineering aspects of a large project that the company is implementing.

Situation A ‒ You were recently told that Zack has been going home for hours at a time instead of being at meetings as you believed. When you confronted Zack about this accusation, he admitted he has been going home because he gets tired and needs a nap.

Situation B ‒ Zack is a valued, dependable employee. He told you at your last meeting with him that he is feeling burned out. He has been doing the same job for several years. As his supervisor, you do not want him to quit or leave the company.

Scenario 2 (answer all questions)

You are the sales division supervisor for XYZ Company. As a middle manager for XYZ, you supervise a team of six sales representatives. The team consists of both men and women representing diverse backgrounds.

Situation A ‒ One of your sales representatives speaks with a heavy accent. A few of her coworkers have mentioned that they have a hard time understanding what she is saying. Another sales representative, who has a physical disability, complained to you that some of his coworkers make comments about his disability. He doesn’t want to cause problems with his coworkers, but he does not appreciate the comments.

Situation B ‒ To stay competitive, XYZ Company is expanding its business into the global market. You have been asked to lead the team that will develop business connections in European markets. You and your team’s members will be traveling to European countries to meet with potential customers. You need to ensure your team understands global organizational behavior and cultures.

Scenario 3 (answer all questions)

You have worked for a product-testing company for three years. You were recently notified that the company will start using live animals to test a new product’s safety. The animals will be used only for this one product. This company has never used animals before to test new products.

Situation A ‒ You are a product-testing supervisor. You do not believe that animals should be used to test products. The use of animals goes against your values. You decide to approach the executive management regarding the decision to use live animals. How could you handle this situation? (Incorporate the topics of leadership, communication, and societal responsibilities in your answer.)

Situation B ‒ You are the president of the product-testing company. The company just received a large contract to test a medical product that could potentially save numerous lives if the tests prove successful. You understand that some of your employees may not feel comfortable using live animals to test the product, but this is a potential medical breakthrough and will provide the company with financial stability for several years. This is important, as the company has been struggling financially, and discussions of downsizing have taken place. As the president, you must present to the importance of this contract to your staff and the need for everyone to make this contract successful. How will you do this?

Scenario 4 (answer all questions)

You were just hired as the president of a manufacturing company. The company has 100 employees. Most of the employees have worked for the company since it started 15 years ago. They are like family to one another. The board of directors hired you because of your reputation for fixing problems and solving issues. The company has posted revenue losses for the past two years. The products are not selling as well as they have in the past, and the company’s financial foundation is shaky. The board of directors needs you to fix the company and bring it back to a level of generating profits.

Situation A ‒ After careful review of the financial situation, you determine that reorganization needs to occur. Twelve employees need to be laid off from the production manufacturing line, and three people need to be hired to market the products. If you can create a strong marketing program, you believe production and sales revenue will increase within 18 months. Also, due to the need to cut back on spending, annual performance raises will not be provided this year. However, everyone will be given five additional personal days to take off during the year. How do you communicate this change to the organization in a positive way that keeps morale from being seriously affected?

Situation B ‒ An employee confidentially tells you that the company’s top-selling product is defective. Three years ago, the employees were directed to use a cheaper material to make the product. Soon after making the product, the employees realized the product showed signs of defects; however, they were told by upper management not say anything or they would all be out of work. How do you handle the situation? (Incorporate the topics of leadership, communication, and ethics into to your answer.)

Scenario 5 (answer all questions)

Congratulations! Your startup company just completed its second year with a huge profit. The company employs 20 people. The goal of your company is to manufacture, distribute, and sell snowboarding protection equipment. You are excited about this new adventure.

Situation A ‒ Fred is your top salesperson. He is responsible for almost 35% of the sales. Fred is a 45-year-old male who is currently showing signs of stress. You have heard rumors he is having problems at home. He has been absent more, and when he is at work, he is withdrawn and looks tired. Typically, he is very outgoing and cheerful. He has been a great employee. You are concerned about him. How should you handle the situation?

Situation B ‒ As a new owner of the startup company, you are excited to develop a strong company commitment to your employees. You are considering many different ideas to ensure that morale is high, employees enjoy a quality of work life, and communication flows throughout the organization. What will you do, and why will you do it to ensure that this happens?

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