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eflect back on your studies and draw out your major thoughts or conclusions

One of the principle functions and missions of intelligence is to support threat (military, terrorism, economic, political, technological, etc.) management AND as directed to engage in carrying out policy to reduce threats (covert action).

Your studies have touched on threat analysis and threat management in terms of historical perspective, case studies, readings, etc. In this board I would like you to reflect back on your studies and draw out your major thoughts or conclusions.

Again, this is a very broad board topic, but I don’t want to constrain your creativity or imagination. You can post on ineffective analysis, effective use of covert action, failure of policymakers to really listen, huge amounts of wasted effort and money on intelligence programs, the slow and overwhelming domination of intelligence by policymakers in DoD that increasingly use intelligence to support parochial policy, etc. You are welcome to take this board in any direction that makes sense for you.

Initial Post 1000 words

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