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econ211 are market systems and policies efficient

Have you ever wondered how market systems and policies work? Have you thought about influence policy has on the topics of capitalism, market, and economic systems?

In this assignment, you will explore and demonstrate knowledge of capitalism, market, and economic systems and policy gained through the assigned readings and additional research.

Write a 750-word essay that includes the following elements.

  • Types of economic systems used in the United States
  • How economic systems vary between the U.S., China, and Russia
  • Description of a political system
  • Knowledge of political systems gained from your personal experience
  • Political system(s) that you lean towards
  • How political policies are used in the United States compared to another country in the world
  • Identification of several of the alleged “virtues” and “vices” of capitalism
  • Explanation of the difference among political systems, economic systems, and economic policies

Use current APA formatting. Include a title page and a reference page with at least four references.

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