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ecological and biological information about an animal

Information in your talk:

Animal is : Egyptian fruit bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus).

1. The organism’s niche (what it eats, what eats it, what type of habitat(s) it lives in). What are some behavioral or physical adaptations that it has for obtaining and eating the food that it eats? If it is a prey species, what adaptations does it have for avoiding being eaten?

2. Any special adaptations that it possesses to live in the habitat it inhabits. Note that most of these animals are desert animals, so they may have special physiological or behavioral adaptations for obtaining or retaining water and for keeping cool in the hot desert.

3. Does the animal have any special behavior for living in a group / social behavior?

4. Any other interesting facts about the animal, which can include: Is threatened in any way, and why? Is it useful for humans in some way? Is it harmful to humans in some way? Does it have any interesting behaviors? Does it have other interesting adaptations, not mentioned in 1 and 2. What are its reproductive patterns? What is its geographic range? etc.

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