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design guide

Design Guides establish the visual style and organization of your document. To complete this assignment, you’ll need to make choices about color scheme and typography. Your final proposal will be submitted as a professional document that adheres to single-spaced lines with 11- or 12-point font. You’ll want to choose a professional font face, such as Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, or Calibri. Similarly, the color palette should reflect a level of professionalism consistent with the document’s purpose and context.

In addition to color palette and font face, you’ll also need to make decisions about headings and sub-headings. Use the documents you have found this week, as part of the Week 12 Discussion to help you think through appropriate style choices for headings.

The Design Guide, then, visually demonstrates what the color palette and typography of your proposal will look like.

Here’s a sample Design Guide for your reference: Design Guide Sample

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