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Current ratio

Hi Winnie -t…I have a follow up request to the previous work to assisted with- please see below:

I have attached an excel spreadsheet with Three worksheets of annual balance sheet data ,Three worksheets of annual income statement data and Three worksheets of annual statement of cash flow data 

On each data tab, use formulas to calculate the following financial indicators for each year of data:

o Current ratio

o Debt/equity ratio

o Free cash flow

o Earnings per share

o Price/earnings ratio

o Return on equity

o Net profit margin

Written Responses Using the Write Submission area of Blackboard for this part of the assignment, respond to the following: o Describe how and why each of the ratios has changed over the three-year period. For example, did the current ratio increase or decrease? Why? Describe how three of the ratios you calculated for your company compare to the general industry. Find general industry data by entering your specific company’s ticker symbol here.

I still have something else after this one- thanks.

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