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critical thinking 423

  1. First, base your choice of text(s) on one of the following options:
    • A topic focusing on one of the texts from class
    • A topic focusing on multiple texts (no more than 3) by the same author
    • A topic focusing on multiple texts (but no more than two) by different authors
  2. In your main post, begin by writing the sentences below and filling in the blanks:
    • The text(s) that we have read in this class that I will use for my paper is/are: _ (blank) _ (you can include up to three).
    • I will use the _ (blank) _ critical reading strategy to help me analyze the text.
    • The claim I want to make about that work(s) is: _ (blank) _.
  3. THEN, combine all of that information into a single sentence
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