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crep 506 land use planning quot discussion questions quot see requirements below

Waterfront Revitalization

Film: Global Harbors: A Waterfront Renaissance

Norris, “If We Build It They Will Come!: Tourism-Based Economic Development in Baltimore” in Judd, The Infrastructure of Play: Building the Tourist City (Armonk, N.Y. and London: M.E. Sharpe, 2002).

McLeod, “What Happened to Baltimore’s Harborplace?” CityLab (16 January 2020).

Cohn et al., “Reimagining Harborplace: What do people want from Baltimore’s Iconic Waterfront,” Baltimore Sun (June 30, 2019) [also accessible via Canvas]. (Suggested)

Discussion Questions (due 3/31, 3 pm)

Instructions: Post the answers to the following questions to our Canvas discussion board (“Waterfront Revitalization + Inner Harbor”) in one single post. Number questions 1-4 and answer in paragraph form. Minimum length of total post: 300 words, not including the questions themselves.

1. Prior to the redevelopment of the Inner Harbor that began in the 1970s, what were the principal land uses that lined the water’s edge? What were the principal developments replaced them in early 1980s? Why was Baltimore’s approach considered innovative?

2. The touristic developments of the early 1980s were financed by through public-private partnerships (PPPs). How did this work and who were the parties involved?

3. When was the last time you went to the Inner Harbor and what did you do there? What were your general impressions? What are the Inner Harbor’s best and most lacking aspects?

Answer either of the following questions:

4a. The principal developments of the Inner Harbor are now nearly 40 years old. Would you renovate the existing structures and keep the current mix of uses or do you envision a much broader redevelopment and new urban design elements? What would be the principal features and land uses of your plan?

4b. The literature on waterfront revitalization emphasizes Baltimore pioneering role in the movement and the many cities that have followed Baltimore’s example. Now perhaps Baltimore can learn from other cities? What new urban waterfronts have you experienced or read about that Baltimore could emulate? How and where might these examples work in the Inner Harbor? (Feel free to attach an image to your post.)

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