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Courses and Classes Records System Requirements Definitions Nonfunctional Requirements The system should be accessible over the internet sentence

IT 315Module Three Discussion Solution Submission Template



1. Using this class responsibility collaboration (CRC) card template, document each class you identified from the Courses and Classes Records Requirements document:     Front: Class Name: ID: Type: Description:   Associated Use Cases: Responsibilities:   Collaborators:   Back: Attributes: Relationships: Generalization (a-kind-of):   Aggregation (has-parts):   Other Associations:         CRC Card 1:     CRC Card #2:     CRC Card #X:      
2. Verify andvalidate your CRC cardsand class diagram against yourcourses and classes records requirements definition:        
3. Explain your approach to the problem, the decisions you made to arrive at your solution, and how you completed it:        
4. Reflect on this experience and the lessons you learned from it:        
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