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Country Health Profile Project

Country Health Profile Project

For the country health profile, you will select a country of interest and write a paper profiling the country and the state of three special topics which were covered in class.

♦ Planning for Change

♦ The evidence in Global Health

♦ Culture, Health, and Community

♦ Systems and Functions of National and International Actors

♦ Poverty, Equality, and Disease Management in Global Health

♦ Environmental Factors and Disaster Recovery

Assignment Objectives:

  • To critically analyze the variety of health issues surrounding a particular country
  • To apply the lessons learned about DALYs and burdens of health
  • To further explore three special topics covered within the course
  • To evaluate the role of nursing in other regions of the world

Upon completion of this project, students will gain knowledge of the follow course objectives:

  • Evaluate the extent to which evolving social and cultural factors influence reactions to health and wellness in the context of the nursing role
  • Examine the merits and limitations of theories, methods, and strategic approaches to health promotion activities for diverse populations
  • Evaluate the extent to which health promotion in a global society addresses and is influenced by the political, social, technological, and physical conditions of global societies
  • Describe the key international organizations and stakeholders in global health and health promotion and their roles in service delivery
  • Compare and contrast the Healthy People 2020 leading health indicators and goals with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and other non-governmental and governmental health and wellness programs
  • Apply methods of measuring health outcomes for improving design and delivery of health promotion services in global settings
  • Analyze the impact of funding on global health organizations for their effective service delivery and sustainability

This paper is about different issues that impact population health in one country (not a specific thing like only mental health).

Since you have not answered me back for the continuation of this project, the fact that I like your style, here again I resubmit this subject to you so can make it happen. You will  just add some other health issues  that is impacted the population (Australian). 

Thanks a lot,

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