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Company Description: Walmart stores 1 2-2 Final Project Milestone One

2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Company Description

Walmart stores

Jason Wedge

Southern New Hampshire University

IT-241-R4978_17EW4: IT-241-R4978 Human Factors in Cybersecurity 17EW4


Walmart Information Technology Security


In the recent years, the use of internet has led to many organizations experiencing huge losses due to security issues.  Complying with information security rules and regulations of Walmart is a core area in strengthening information security through understanding human behavior (Shaw et al., 2009). Walmart is establishing information security awareness programs so as to ensure their employees are aware and well-informed on the security risks.

Unintentional Human Error

Information security assessments have shown that 95% of information security incidents are mainly caused by human error. It’s considered one of the most important factors affecting security. Some forms of unintentional human errors associated with IT Security include: lost devices, incorrect email information disclosure, password sharing, unsafe URLs and Popups. Development of helpful programs within Walmart will assist in implementing strategies that will help tackle common human errors (Ramalingam et al, 2016). These programs focus on the elimination of strategies that enable users in making such errors. This can be seen from the use of safeguards automations like management of passwords and automated standby locks. Such programs will also look into mitigating the consequences from the errors made before occurrence. Examples include: audits and surveillance, systems monitoring and internal control.

Malicious Human Behavior

Hacking is one of the greatest problems faced with organizations globally and could as well be experienced in Walmart. Before addressing these kinds of threats, programs look into understanding the primary types of insider risks. Monitoring IT admins, key vendors, top executives and employees with vigilance will enable an organization to prevent such threats. Not forgetting the basics is also a key element in security awareness. Example, the use of software patches will automatically close that open window before a hacker can access your network.

Organizational Factors

Findings suggest that organizational factors play a significant role in the security awareness. Policy issues, management, training and technology are examples of organizational factors. As the number of applications and systems increase, the greater the hazards IT may experience and this calls for tightening security (Wilsone et al, 1998). Walmart’s environment, beliefs and attitudes on the technology itself may cause IT insecurities. Programs will focus on ways managers will not only focus on technology-related issues but also the environment in which IT will be used. An organization might also lack funds for securing confidential information from unauthorized accesses.


There is necessity in implementing security policies so as to reduce security incidents in Walmart. Information technology security awareness programs will enable the management to effectively discuss methods they can use to protect documents. A good awareness program will help the firm to understand risks and assist in developing economic tools for prevention.


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