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coast redwood forest

Well in part VI I have a to g , so it better to separate each one alone I think 9 will be good but what I want you to do is to do PP which is less words and write me what should I say for each part independently

Teacher comment #1: Add references under your info ( look at ours for example)

Teacher comment #2: VI A-C are confusing to read

-maybe try rewording or simplifying your information

his is what i want you to do i am doig part VI ( Current Status/Management of the Coast Redwood Forests )

1- do me the powerpoint and do not forget to cite all sources and use them in text

2- write me what do i need to say for each slide

that is all , i attached you the rubric for grading. i will talk to you tomorrow to make the question

the slides that you will do is not lengthy only importance point with notes , the notes are what will i say when I record myself should be around 8 min

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