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co210 informative speech visual most admired business or business person 1

For this speech, you will be informing or teaching us about your most admired business organization or most admired business person.

Your presentation should be 5-7 minutes in length. You should incorporate at least five sources in your speech. Only one of you sources can be a random internet source. Sources from scholarly databases such as Galileo or ProQuest are not considered random. However, all sources that have not been edited or peer reviewed are considered random.

The goal of this assignment is to adapt your topic to the audience, use a clear organizational pattern, present an extemporaneous speech, and formulate an outline that you will turn in along with your speech. You may use note cards or a copy of your outline to present your speech. Please do not attempt to type your speech out word for word. Using a word for word outline can result in reading directly from your paper and will result in a point deduction.

Evaluation of the informative speech will focus on organization, content, and delivery.

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