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class wiki

my class wiki topic is one drive, I will upload one example, which is my last time class wiki AWS

to locate and use the ‘ClassWiki’ on ‘Social Networking Sites and Tools’ (SNST) and Online Project Management Support Sites (PMSS.) Each member of the class team will be assigned a different site(s)/tool(s) to contribute to the ‘ClassWiki.’

Each entry should be 2-3 paragraphs in size, with 4-6 sentences each. The format of the existing document should persist for all entries. This must be in your words, not a copy and paste of an on-line description. The format must be:

  • Enter your ClassWiki topic(s) in Calibri 12pt font
  • Start your entry with the name of the site/tool (in Bold and underlined)
  • End the entry with your last name in (in Bold and underlined.)
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