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Case Study Analysis: Needs Assessment Guidelines and Rubric

Case Study Analysis: Needs Assessment Guidelines and Rubric

Prompt: After reviewing the Case Study: Midwestern Community Health Needs Assessment document, perform a needs assessment by addressing the following:

1. Identify the stakeholders and the target population, and be sure to examine the fundamental challenges facing both the target population and the committee tasked with navigating a course of action.

 2. Consider what some of the primary barriers would be that then lead to secondary barriers for this populace regarding healthcare service acquisition as well as the initial knowledge of what is available to them.

3. Analyze the market segments among the population and make a brief suggestion for what types of marketing may appeal to each segment—how could the barriers be overcome?

 4. Finally, what do you see as the benefit of a healthcare needs assessment? Does a collaborative effort from various community groups bring a unique perspective to the table in peering into the needs of a designated group? Would there be other elements you would consider beneficial when conducting a healthcare needs assessment? 

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