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Career Objective Essay

Career Objective Essay


Best use of my knowledge and skills towards organization & to maintain work culture in drawing efficient output. Look forward towards an organization, which nurtures my potential and offers me ample opportunities to grow. I believe in myself and pursue my goal zealously and sincerely to make the future more glorious still. You can say I have the art of blending technicality with creativity.Career Objective Essay



1. Have relevant clinical experience.
2. Well experienced in ER and CPR.
3. Have undergone clinical training.
4. Have evaluated many Patient records.
5. Have been certified by Advanced Trauma Life Support ( ATLS)
6. Very much Familiar with different diseases management.
7. Well aware of Pre, post-surgical and Wound care.
8. Have got adequate knowledge of control standards of Infectious diseases.
9. Have undergone Medical clinical procedures as intubation and insertion of central lines.

10. Worked as an administrator in the surgical department.
11. Have seeked medical information by interviewing patients and recorded their height, weight and other vital signs.
12. Have maintained medical records including vital figures, medical history and other test results.
13. Have Documented patient information.
14. Provided several patient initial diagnosis.
15. Ordered and assessed laboratory and radiological tests for many patients.
16. Processed monthly reports for department performance.
17. Managed care for post-operative patients through discharge.
18. Informed patients and family on critical discharge care.
19. Have prepared assessments, care plans for patients and also evaluate.
20. Have provided necessary education to the patients.
21. Performed physical assessments of newborns and infants.
22. Responsible for case management, medication management and primary care.


1. Primary, preparatory and secondary schools (1987-1998) was conducted by Arabic and English.
2. Medical school (1998-2006), English was the language of instruction.
3. Graduated on April 2006 , M.B.CH.B degree
4. Resident with three years experience in healthcare.
5. Skilled in providing care to acutely injured patients and those with chronic and infectious illnesses.

Granted certification in:

1. ATLS ( Advanced Trauma Life Support )January 2007
2. IC3 ( Internet and Computing Core Certificate ) May 2007
3. Participation in the following conferences:
4. 15th Conference of Libyan Surgeon Association Nov.2008
5. International Diabetes Federation of Libyan Diabetic Association April 2009.


I hereby declare that the aforesaid information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.Career Objective Essay

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