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biomedical engineering biomechanics course body moment


Adult is sitting on chair as shown.

Black dots represent center of gravity, and green dots represent joint.

A, B and C are distance between joint and CG, and joint and joint.

Using your body weight and height (approximated value is fine ),

Calculate the moment at knee joint if this person trying to rise from the chair without tiling of torso forward.

Determine %weight of each body parts based on published %data, have a citation


On the figure, D is 2” long which a perpendicular distance betweencenter of rotation of knee and quadriceps force at 90 degree knee flex

Using the moment from previous problem, determine the quadriceps force

Based on the force, discuss if it is possible to rise from the chair while maintaining up-right posture of upper body.

What actually we do when we rising from a chair?Explain the reason of it in engineering terms and drawings

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