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Assignment 3#

Assignment 3#

Guided Discussion 3: Explain 3 different approaches you have seen to a crisis situation by major companies. Describe a memorable crisis (based upon an organization/company) in which you believed that the truth was not being told. Explain whether you believe that a company should always tell the entire truth or if they should lessen the reality. Why would telling the truth be so important? When writing your discussion, sure to include examples from the assigned readings/videos (In addition, you may also include personal experiences). Your post MUST be at least one paragraph

Follow the 7 steps

  1. Watch the assignment video:
  2. Read: Sapriel, C. (2003). Effective crisis management: Tools and best Practice for the new millennium. Journal of Communication Management, 1(4), 348-55.Preview the document
  3. Read: Winni, Johansen. (2012). Entering new territory: A study of internal crisis management and crisis communication in organizations. Public Relations Review, 38(2), 270-279.Preview the document
  4. Read: Penrose, J. M. (2000). The role of perception in crisis planning. Public Relations Review, 26(2), 155-171. Preview the document
  5. Read: Mitroff, Chap 4 – “Telling the Truth”
  6. Read: Mitroff, Chap 5 – “Assuming Responsibility
  7. Read: Mitroff, Chap 6, “Detecting Weak Signals”

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