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assignment 2260

Assignments are designed to help you work through the chapters and absorb the wealth of information presented. These assignments count toward your attendance in the class and will help prepare you for the final exam.

Answer each of the following questions with as much detail as you can in order to demonstrate your knowledge of the material. Use your own words and examples. Use your textbook and the Internet (if needed). Please write in complete sentences with good grammar and write out your answers clearly. USE SPELL CHECK.

From Chapter 14:

1. Explain in detail the Diathesis Stress Model and the Biospsychosocial Approach and how these can explain psychological disorders.

2. Explain the purposes and uses of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Describe the three sections of the DSM and the state of “comorbidity.” How are symptoms assessed using the DSM?

3. Describe each type of disorder from the category of Anxiety Disorders (pages 555 – 561). Explain and describe in detail the symptoms of each disorder. do not just refer to the chart provided because some of the anxiety disorders from pages 555 – 561 are not on it)

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