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Anxiety disorders Essay.

Anxiety disorders Essay.


Between three and four million women are victims of domestic abuse per annum. Murder by an intimate is a major cause of death among women and the most important cause of death for African-American women age fifteen to thirty-four years. Depression, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders are recurrent comorbid symptoms of trauma and are likely to be refractory to psychiatric intervention unless the trauma is addressed. It is expected that violence occurs at least once in sixty-six percent of all marriages.Anxiety disorders Essay.


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Ninety-five percent of domestic abuse victims are women, who are as well three times as likely as men to be victims of a violent crime by a family member. Certainly, wife beating results in more injuries requiring medical treatment than do sexual assaults, automobile accidents, and robberies. Twenty-one percent of pregnant women are abused, and these women are twice as probable to miscarry compared with non abused women. Both men and women who have been physically or sexually abused in childhood are probable to become perpetrators in.Anxiety disorders Essay.


Rigorous epidemiologic research points out that one woman in four in the United States will be raped at some time during her life, plus that one in three has been sexually abused in childhood. However even these stark findings do not take into account the high rate of verbal abuse and physical violence missed by even the most thorough studies. Experts in the field of domestic violence approximate that one in four women presenting at an urban emergency room has in fact experienced domestic or sexual battery within the past year. The risk of “femicide” increases when there is a history of beating and the woman decides to leave.Anxiety disorders Essay.

As Campbell clarifies concerning issues of power and control in the relationship between battered women and their spouses, the woman’s partner is essentially saying, “If I can’t have you, no one can” (Campbell, 1992, p. 111). This women’s health problem obviously carries over to have an effect on the lives of our nation’s children. In at least fifty percent of families where the mother is abused, the child is as well abused. Children who witness incidents of violence are unavoidably traumatized; however they hardly ever receive counseling or emotional support.

Additionally, abused children may have severe behavioral and emotional problems but are often unreachable to intervention. They make psychological adaptations to offensive situations and to lasting relationship patterns that present both obstructions and opportunities for treatment. (Fraiberg, S. 1987) Physicians fail to identify the problem due to time constraints, because of lack of training and experience, and particularly since they know that they will be required to report such situations to legal authorities.

This failure to identify child abuse produces long-standing effects on children’s development and behavior, including learning problems, depression and anxiety, tendency to express pent-up feelings in somatic problems, and imitative violent behavior. Children naturally want to be like adults. Those who frequently witness or experience violence by adults does not learn how to contain their own violent behavior for the reason that they have poor role models.Anxiety disorders Essay.

Children in such situations often have poor peer relationships, bully other children, and in extreme cases engage in animal torture and killing. In one controlled study of sixty-eight sexually abused children and seventy-five control subjects found noteworthy behavioral problems, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders in the victimized group; these children as well suffered from poorer self-esteem, fewer social networks, and more attempted suicides, and they had a elevated incidence of smoking and other self-injuries than did control subjects.

The impaired children were more probable to have parents with drug and alcohol problems. None of these research findings will surprise any clinician who has worked for even a short time in an emergency room setting or office-based practice and has seen the immediate and long-term psychological, physical, and social difficulties linked with child abuse. (Fraiberg, S. 1987)Anxiety disorders Essay.

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