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answer the questions below on gas and electric cars

Assignment #2:

Gas vs Electric

SWOT Analysis

SWOT provides a clear understanding of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in

an organization. It is an effective way of examining those four areas to strengthen the

organization. It will provide a blueprint pointing out where the organization is strong and where

the opportunities exist to capitalize those strengths. The analysis will also reveal what areas in

the organization are weak and need to be addressed to improve the existing condition. The

analysis will also caution the organization the threats to watch out pointing out what needs to

be done in order to sustain.

The purpose of this exercise is to gather, analyze and critically evaluate information to assist in

all areas of decision-making. This exercise is particularly useful in the strategic planning area.

For your class project, carry out a SWOT analysis collecting information to questions such as

(depending on the project, you may like to add your own questions):

What are the positive characteristics and advantages?

How do insiders perceive strengths?

How do outsiders perceive strengths?

What are the negative characteristics and disadvantages?

What insiders think as weaknesses?

What outsiders think as weaknesses?

What areas should be avoided?

What opportunities exist to improve?

What trends can be followed to benefit?

What factors block the progress?

How are the competitors doing?

Is technology affecting the establishment?

Do cash-flow problems exist and affecting the growth?

Do weaknesses affect performance?


Using the matrix provided in the attachment, document strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

and threats of your project. Based on the statements you made on the matrix, discuss the

issues in a narrative form related to strengths, opportunities weaknesses, and threats.

You can integrate your SWOT analysis into your final project report

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