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annotated bibliography 800

As a critical component of the research process, students will write an annotated bibliography on the topic they have chosen for their research paper. An underlying purpose of the annotated bibliography is to allow students to read more critically, more carefully, rather than simply collect information. In the research process, an annotated bibliography is an instrument to help students formulate a clear thesis. Carefully select and annotate a minimum of ten (10) sources related to thetopic you identified for your research paper. These should include a combination of scholarly journals (3 minimum), newspaper articles, applicable websites, as well as other relevant, scholarly sources. Utilize scholarly search engines like, Global Issues in Context and ProQuest, for your sources as well as citation formatting (these search engines will cite each document for you).

Requirements:Each annotation should include in one paragraph: a summary, an evaluation of the text (which includes the intended audience), and a reflection on its applicability to his/her own research. Required Length: 4-6 pages. APA Format. Annotated Bibliography must be submitted via Canvas

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