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an portfolio in operating business class

Throughout the class I would like you to keep a journal/portfolio. The journal will consist of primarily of

three things. First, it will consist of small assignments, like summarizing an article that relates to a topic,

taking a photograph that captures an importance concept, or describing the material you contributed to group

work. Secondly, you should include the results of any of the exercises and assessments that we do in the class.

It is particularly important to do the Learning about yourself exercise that accompanies each chapter. While I

do not expect you to reflect deeply about each exercise, it is worthwhile for you to briefly outline your

thoughts on the results and what might gain from this knowledge. Not every exercise need be included in the

journal, but you should be able to present a portfolio that captures knowledge about yourself, and some of these exercises should display an authentic attempt at reflection. Third, it will contain your individual

executive summary of your groups project. Details to be discussed in class and posted on the course website

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