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I can not get the script to print in the correct format of : mine prints the first two line together?

What would you like to do?

Your current balance:


account_balance = float(500.50)

def balance():

  print(“Your current balance:n$%.2f”%account_balance)

userchoice = input(“What would you like to do?”)           

if userchoice == ‘B’:

 print(“Your current balance:”)

 print (account_balance)

 account_balance = “nBegining Balance: “+str(account_balance)

elif (userchoice == ‘D’):

  deposit_amount=float(input(“How much would you like to deposit today?”))


  account_balance += “Deposit Amount: “+str(deposit_amount)

elif (userchoice == ‘W’):

  withdrawal_amount=float(input(“How much would you like to withdraw?”))


  account_balance += “Withdrawal Amount: “+str(withdrawal_amount)

elif (userchoice == ‘Q’):

  print (“Thank you for banking with us.”)

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