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A. Role for Roland—Ugli Orange Case

A. Role for Roland—Ugli Orange Case

You are Dr. P. W. Roland. You work as a research biologist for a pharmaceutical firm. The firm is under contract with the government to do research on methods to combat enemy uses of biological warfare.

Recently several World War II experimental nerve gas bombs were moved from the U.S. to a small island just off the U.S. coast in the Pacific. In the process of transporting them two of the bombs developed a leak. The leak is presently controlled but government scientists believe that the gas will permeate the bomb chambers within two weeks. They know of no method of preventing the gas from getting into the atmosphere and spreading to other islands, and very likely to the West Coast as well. If this occurs, it is likely that several thousands of people will incur serious brain damage or die. You’ve developed a synthetic vapor, which will neutralize the nerve gas if it is injected into the bomb chamber before the gas leeks out. The vapor is made with a chemical taken from the rind of the Ugli orange, a very rare fruit.

Unfortunately, only 4,000 of these oranges were produced this season. You’ve been informed, on good evidence that a Mr. A. H. Cardoza, a fruit exporter in South America, is in possession of 3,000 Ugli oranges. The chemicals from the rinds of this number of oranges would be sufficient to neutralize the gas. If the serum is developed and injected efficiently. You have been informed that the rinds of these oranges are in good condition. You have also been informed that Dr. L. W. Jones is also urgently seeking purchase of Ugli oranges and he is aware of Mr. Cardoza’s possession of the 3 000 available. Dr. Jones works for a firm with which your firm is highly competitive. There is a great deal of industrial espionage in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, your firm and Dr. Jones’ firm have sued each other for violations of industrial espionage laws and infringement of patent rights several times. Litigation on two suits is still in process. The Federal government has asked your firm for assistance. You’ve been authorized by your firm to approach Mr. Cardoza to purchase the 3,000 Ugli oranges. You have been told he will sell them to the highest bidder. Your firm has authorized you to bid as high as $250,000 to obtain the rind of the oranges. Before approaching Mr. Cardoza, you have decided to talk to Dr. Jones to influence him so that he will not prevent you from purchasing the oranges.

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