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a broad view of the technology landscape

The goal of this assignment is get a broad view of the technology landscape and what types of technologies are out there. Using mind-mapping software of your choice, create a mind map of the different healthcare information technologies and parse it out into different categories. The categories are EHR (Electronic Health Record), E-Prescribing, Telehealth, Smartphone/Tablets/Apps, Surgical Technology (Robotics), WiFi, MPI (Master Patient Index), HIE (Health Information Exchange), Bedside Medical Verification, Central Scheduling, Secure Messaging.

You can use any of the following mind-mapping tools for your assignment.





Then, in a Word document, complete the following:

· How has the healthcare technology landscape changed?

· Are the healthcare technologies used for the same purpose? Explain.

· How can they be used across departments?

· How do healthcare technologies impact the roles across the industry?

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