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715 assignment 3 parts 1 simulation what is the rationale for investing in a new brewpub conceptual study by the owner of an existing restaurant tavern based on a running case and a business simulation package read the business running case the decisi

What is the Rationale for Investing in a New BrewPub?

Conceptual Study by the Owner of an Existing Restaurant/Tavern (Based on a running case and a business simulation package)

Read the Business Running Case: The decision-making process in evaluating the rationale for investing in a new BrewPub (preparation for a conceptual study by the owner of an existing restaurant/tavern)

Learn how to use a business simulation package, specifically developed for this course, in combination with selected decision support tools covered in this course.

Possible Points: 8

Task 3-0 (A3/Part 1): Structure and present your paper in the form of a Managerial Report, with a cover page, table of content, main body, appendices. Recommended length of the main body of Part 1 (without the preparatory and appended parts): 15 pages APA format. (max 1 points)

Task 3-1 (A3/Part 1): Based on the business simulation ‘Strategies and Decision Support in Organizations’ and the business running case, define and present the overall goals and objectives from the business owner’s point of view. (max 2 points)

Task 3-2.1 (A3/Part 1): Formulate your preparation for a decision making based on a research of the following areas of your study — Marketing Management, Financial Management. (max 2.5 points)

Task 3-3.1 (A3/Part 1): For each one of the functional areas apply at least two from the introduced and discussed in this course decision support tools (e.g. Decision Tree Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, Break-Even Point Analysis, What-If-Analysis, Optimization Analysis, Risk Analysis, others). (max 2.5 points)

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