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3-1 Discussion:

3-1 Discussion: Courts of Special Jurisdiction

In addition to federal and state courts reviewing civil and criminal cases, both the state and federal court systems include courts of special jurisdiction to address particular, narrowly defined cases. From the list below, select one type of court that you are likely to engage with at some point in your professional life. For example, if you plan on running your own business, you may wind up as a party to a bankruptcy action in bankruptcy court if one of your customers can not afford to pay you. If you are pursuing a law enforcement career and will start on highway patrol, you may be spending a lot of time in traffic court. If you plan on a career as a social worker, you are likely to be called to testify in juvenile court or family court proceedings. If you are an auctioneer or real estate appraiser, you may testify in an estate hearing in probate court in regard to the value of property.

Select one type of court that you are likely to engage with at some point in your professional life:

Bankruptcy court

Immigration court

Admiralty court

Military courts

Housing court

Traffic court

Juvenile court

Drug court

Family court

Probate court

In your initial post, describe the court you selected. Explain how your intended career may lead you to engage with this court. What is the potential impact of these specialized courts on the business environment and quality of life of your community?

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