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2-2 Final Project Milestone One – Functional Model Jason Wedge Southern New Hampshire University IT-315-X3221_17EW3: IT-315-X3221 Object Orient…

4-2 Final Project Part I Submission: Functional Model

Jason Wedge

Southern New Hampshire University

IT-315-X3221_17EW3: IT-315-X3221 Object Orient Analysis/Design 17EW3

1. SIS DIagram                                 Use Case 1 Description
  Using this use case description template, provide a description for each use case in your use case diagram:   Use Case Name: Watch Videos   ID: 11243   Importance Level: Medium   Primary Actor: Myself   Use Case Type: Student   Stakeholders and Interests: Students and Administrators   Brief Description: Students can watch video and stay up to date with their Studies. The videos are helpful in delivering course content   Trigger: Student Registration successful   Type:   Relationships:   Association: students Include:           Lecturer upload course materials Extend:            Generalization:   Normal Flow of Events: The student register and has access to the video upon successful subscription.   SubFlows:   Video is uploaded by the tutor; the tutor assigns the video to various students. Alternate/Exceptional Flows: Registered student can log in to the student and access and watch videos.                       Use Case 2 Description:   Use Case Name: Send Metrics to Parents   ID: 112422   Importance Level: High   Primary Actor: Student/System   Use Case Type: Student   Stakeholders and Interests: Parents, Admin   Brief Description: Students can download their metrics and email to the parents   Trigger: Examination Done   Type: Manual   Relationships:   Association: students, parentsInclude:           Student Processing   Normal Flow of Events: The system sends information to the student     SubFlows:  Lecturer posts Results to the student     Alternate/Exceptional Flows: The student triggers the flow of information. The student can download the result and post to parent through Email.                                       Use Case 3 Description:     Use Case Name: Create Classes   ID: 112411   Importance Level: High   Primary Actor: Student/Lecturer   Use Case Type: Student   Stakeholders and Interests: Parents, Admininstrators   Brief Description: Students can download the statistics and email to the parents   Trigger: School Opening    Type: Manual/Automatic   Relationships:   Association: students, lecturerInclude:           Creating Classes, Assigning Classes   Normal Flow of Events: School Opens and the Lecturers create classes SubFlows: No Sub-flows for this use-case   Alternate/Exceptional Flows:  The system automatically assigns classes to students        
3. Explain your approach to the problem, the decisions you made to arrive at your solution, and how you completed it:      Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) are independently directed learning practices open by method for a COMPUTER or mobile device. CBTs give consistent substance right away, much like scrutinizing an online book or manual. They are occasionally used to show techniques, using programming or completing numerical conditions.            The term Computer Based Training is mostly used with Web-based planning (WBT) with the fundamental refinement being the movement strategy. Where CBTs are consistently delivered by method for CDROM, WBTs are passed on through the Internet using a web interface. Studying learning in a CBT comes as different choice inquiries, or diverse assessments that can be graded by a computer, improved, extended catch, reenactment or other methods Evaluations are easily scored and recorded by method to give fast end user feedback, internet programming and satisfaction status. Customers are ready to print satisfaction records as verification.   CBTs can be anuseful alternative to printed learning materials since rich media, including recordings or live sessions, can be embedded to change the learning method. Another good option to CBTs are that they can be easily passed on to a wide group of individuals fairly easily once the basic change is done.            In any case, CBTs can face some learning challenges as well. Usually the development of effective CBTs requires a huge amount of resources. The item to create CBTsis consistently more confusing than an instructor can use. Besides, the lack of human joint effort can limit both the type of substance that can be displayed as well as the kind of assessment that can be performed. Many learning groups are starting to use ordinary CBT/WBT practices as part of a more broad electronic learning program which may simplify online tests or other smart segments.   Computer-maintained synergistic learning (CSCL)      Computer maintained communitarian learning (CSCL) is a leader among the most promising changes to upgrade teaching and learning with the help of cutting edge information and correspondence development. Most recent advances in CSCL have been called E-Learning 2.0, yet the possibility of social event learning where instructional steps are planned to ask or oblige understudies to coordinate on learning methods has existed.    
4. Reflect on this experience and the lessons you learned from it:   Understanding that our open online course would serve all types of learners, we hoped to give different strategy for addressing the substance. As demonstrated by the National Center on Universal Design for Learning, “Learning is inconceivable if information is indistinguishable to the learner, and troublesome when information is presented in setups that need striking effort or support”. To address this issue, we: Offered options for sound-related and visual information by giving different options to deal with the substance such as content, pictures, graphics or recordings. Introduced recordings that included close engraving Joined with ISTE Inclusive Learning Network Officers to lead accessibility testing and changed the course.Included appealing depictions for most of the photos and gets on the site.In the post-course examine, individuals were made a demand to depict the general course plan and one of the individuals especially extolled the various technique for representation of the course content. With the unlimited amouints of advantages available on the web and the relative effortlessness with which intelligent media can be made, we encourage all course creators to find a variety of ways to deal with and address the course content.        
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