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2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Company Description Walmart stores Jason Wedge Southern New Hampshire University Human Factors in Cybersecurity

2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Company Description

Walmart stores

Jason Wedge

Southern New Hampshire University

Human Factors in Cybersecurity 17EW5

The company that I have chosen for the subject of my paper is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., more commonly known as Walmart. Walmart is a retail store based in the United States with their headquarters at Bentonville, Arkansas. As of January 31, 2017, Walmart has 11,695 stores in 28 countries. Walmart operates grocery stores and discount department stores. Walmart is considered the largest retailer in the world. The stores main function is to sell more items to customers for a price that is less than their competitors. Walmart provides sustainability by providing employment opportunities to many people.

Online shopping is available through the stores website and offers free shipping. Walmart offers groceries, produce, dairy products, bakery, apparel,home furnishings toys and electronics. The primary demographic are females over 50 years in age and have an annual income of $53,125. In 2016, the store had $485 billion in annual revenue. Walmart is looking in to the future by engaging in technology and focus intensely on online retail to increase accessibility and widen customer base (Greenwald 2005)

Main function

The organizational structure at Walmart is hierarchical and function based. The CEO, Doug McMillon, is the head of the company and manages it if from top to bottom. In regard to the function base structure each department has setgoals to perform.  Walmart has its own market orientation where the store achieves its objective through controlling its operation. The store has a variety of products that enables it to target a large demographic. Walmart has an excellent marketing strategy Walmart has shown an increase each year in sales in both online and in store purchases. Sales have been boosted through the availability of quality products at lower costs. Walmart obtains most of its products from reliable suppliers which helps customers get the products they need, when they need them. (Zhang 2005)


Walmart employs approximately 2.1 million associates with 1.5 million of those located  in U.S. Most managers in the store started working at the company in a  part time role, earning salary ranges of $50,000 to 170,000 annually. About 300,000 employees have worked at the store for more than 10 years. Both part time and full time employees are awarded bonuses each fiscal quarter. Employees at Walmart enter in to a work contract of two years to work at the store. In the event an employee is terminated, Walmart pays them the transaction period that is two years of basic pay (Basker 2005)

Location and site

Walmart has a total of 11,695 stores across 28 countries with its headquarters at Arkansas. The store operates e-commerce through their website in 11 countries. In the United States there are 4,672 stores while their bulk discount store, Sam’s Club,numbers 660. Walmart international operates 6,363 stores. The store operates as Walmart in Canada and United States, Walmart de Mexico y Centreoamerica in Central America and Mexico. In Japan, its referred to Seiyu group, in India its Best Price and Asda in United Kingdom. 


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